Title: Foundation of a Movie Clip
Description: The situation depicted in this primarily silent film fatally and humorously affects us all. We are all entrapped in this restaurant, against or by our own wills. It is a must see-must own for everyone; a hand-book on existence.
Related Titles: Foundation of a Movie
Related Names:Richard Pacheco, Edwin Beschler, Kevin Kate, Rehana Vaidya, Roy Horne, Marcela Jaramillo, Danielle Muehlen, Amy Handler, Beverly Marzioli, William Griffin, Adriana Rozo, Joseph Conforti, George Rausch, Donald Furlong, Peter Goebel, Virginia Barnes, Jennifer Sutton, Bari Olevsky, Shannon McIsaac, James McIsaac, Erica Jaquith, Bill Allen, Greg Shea, Alexander Toumayan, Martin Cornel, Wanda Deitner, Heather Campbell, Nathaniel Avino-Towsen, Francisco Perlera, Lydia Perlera, Bonnie Worthley
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