Title: The Woman and the Machine Trailer
Description: The performance on stage is based on the story of Isabelle, a young WWII widow trapped in her sorrow. Isabelle ordered a machine designed by her own subconscious to be built, only to be found mysteriously dead the day after it was delivered. Now, in the centre of the stage, the hidden secret between the woman and the machine unlocks unexpectedly during the performance, triggered by the hand of an electrifying Abigail Boyd in the role of Isabelle. The astonished audience, who has been following the story and events closely, soon realises there is something else behind the eternal repetitive mechanical movement of the machine, which allures them into a vortex of dark forbidden desires.
Related Titles: The Woman and the Machine
Related Names:Miguel Angel Almagro, Abigail Boyd, Gordon Alexander, Adam Wakeman, Lewis James, Lucy Challenger, Eric Monjoin, Alexandra Boyd, Enrique Rovira, Martin Ward
Content Rating:Not Rated
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