Title: Something Blue Trailer
Description: SOMETHING BLUE is a mockumentary feature film about an interracial wedding between Susan, a white, middle-class bride, and Terry, a groom from a family of blue-skinned ‘Polar Americans’ whose people immigrated to America from Antarctica.

As a gift to his best friends, Zack, an aspiring filmmaker, decides to document everything he can about the special occasion, from the initial planning through the final ceremony.

As the weeks leading up to the big event progress, tensions mount. Miscommunication abounds, personalities clash and the question becomes not whether Susan and Terry will be a happy couple, but whether they can even survive the pre-wedding stresses of cultures, families and class.

Zach gets more than he bargained for, and the events he captures on film tell a hilarious yet touching story about race, family, and human relationships, as two cultures collide in the name of love.

SOMETHING BLUE is the second feature from the award-winning team
behind Biscuits & Gravy Productions. It tackles race, class, gender, age,
marriage – all the things that drive us apart and bind us together – in a
funny, fast-paced, heartwarming, thought-provoking improv mockumentary
that was shot in San Diego, CA over seven days in 27 locations with over
30 speaking roles and 80 extras, very little money… and no script.
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Related Names:Zach Johnson, Tricia Allen, Seth Harding, Patricia Rigney, Tony Gatto, Lesley Paterson, Bruce Van Patten, Dave Corwin, Milo Shapiro, Miranda Russo, Michael Robert Kelly, Chris Potocki, Gavin Bowen, Breanna Startzel, Veronica Burgess, Scot Renfro, Paulah May, Pauline Leslie Rulla, Jeff Krebs, C. Matthew Smith, Lauren Laddusaw, Ian Stokell, Howard Rice, Tatum B. Dunn, Jonny Jenks, Anne Brengle, Curtis Krick, Sean Dillon, Robin Leabman, Taylor M. Dooley, Kareem Ferguson, Tina St. Marie, Nicole Rehnborg, Drew Kersten, Jill Klopp, John Butkovich
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