Title: Eye of the Dolphin Trailer
Description: Fourteen-year-old Alyssa and her grandmother travel to find her estranged father, a dedicated dolphin researcher in the Bahamas. Upon arriving, they discover that he is fighting to save his research center.
Related Titles: Eye of the Dolphin
Related Names:Adrian Dunbar, Katharine Ross, Christine Adams, Andrea Bowen, Wendy Braun, George Harris, Greg Lee, Guy Livneh, Jane Lynch, Wendell Morris, Alexa Sheehan, Carly Schroeder, Michael D. Sellers, Kelly Vitz, Robert Keskemety, Freddy Naff, Escher Holloway, Hunter Schroeder, John Kelly, Christopher Herrod, Alan Derian, Rudy Levarity, Vivica Watkins, Joey Jam
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