Title: Wilderness Trailer
Description: Reticent to live the first of many lives, Robert Kenny, now forty, lost in life and trailed by an ambivalent angel meets his soulmate, but is he too stuck in his ways to recognize her?
Related Titles: Wilderness
Related Names:Erica Piccininni, Francis Kelly, Vivien Kells, Tom Culhane, Kenny Dixon, T. Michael Culhane, Andrew Garman, Nicole Katovich, Courtney Young, Frederick Waggoner, Thad Debrock, Kristie Dale Sanders, Heidi Armbruster, Amy Neswald, Trevor Harker, Patrick T. McGowan, Nancy Opel, Davis Duffield, Kate Greer, Yvette Wojciechowski, Dave Powers, Michael Clarkston, Sandy Binion, Jennifer Naimo
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