Full Movie (David and Goliath)

Title: Full Movie (David and Goliath)
Description: The video offers a new experience of reading The Bible revisiting the famous chapter of 1 Samuel 17. This time we offer to recite it while humming tunes of Mahler's music and at the same time viewing background photography shot in the Holy Land. Why MahlerThe viewer will find the answer himself after noticing how perfectly the music and the text interpret each other.
The story is known, no surprises there. Yet it is worthwhile reciting it again. This time the sights of the
beautiful Judean landscape transpose the viewer’s mind to the place and to the time of the confrontation. The bountiful valley, the green forest, the rock-meadow-desert hilltops, the life giving olive trees have been there for ever providing an authentic background to the remarkable encounter between the frightening might of the warrior and the buoyant power of faith in God Almighty
Video URL: http://www.imdb.com/video/wab/vi867147801/