Title: Evilution Trailer
Description: A rogue Army officer accidentally unleashes a weaponized alien life form on the tenants in his building, then must fight to stop the contagion before it spreads to the general populace.
Related Titles: Evilution
Related Names:Noel Gugliemi, Lu Johnson, Billy Morrison, Katie Cazorla, Jackson Lee, Esteban Cueto, Nathan Bexton, Bruna Rubio, Chris Conlee, Greg Brown, Eric Peter-Kaiser, James Duval, Richard King, Sandra Eloani, Mathew Rudenberg, Oliver Dear, Guillermo Díaz, Brian J. Cavanaugh, Jeannie Epper, Jeffrey Scott Jones, Erick Florez, Norma Jean, Jonathan Breck, Brian Patrick O'Toole, Carol Shook, Joshua Lou Friedman, Peter Stickles, Alan Howarth, Bob Yerkes, Mark Preston Miller, Danny Downey, Tim Colceri, Ben Tolpin, Ricky Warwick, Don Abernathy, Marie Antoinette, Paul Darnell
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