Title: Survival of the Fittest Trailer
Description: A satirical mystery in which America's obsession with youth and beauty hits critical mass, when a gorgeous corpse turns out to be made of more plastic than flesh and a divorce trial turns into a war over the value of an older woman's new body parts
Related Titles: Survival of the Fittest
Related Names:Rachel Alvarado, Lisa Casillo, Maury Cooper, Rachel Wyn Dunn, James Kiberd, Antoinette Peragine, Daria Price, Rocco Sisto, Simone Study, Joe Tabb, Aida Turturro, MarLee Candell, Sara Elizabeth Timmins, Nancy Harding, Karl Jaecke, Enci, Phoebe Price, Joe O. Barrera, Brent Nowak, Dufflyn Lammers
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