Title: The Red Machine Trailer
Description: An old-fashioned caper adventure set in pre-World War II Washington DC, The Red Machine is the tale of an icy and mysterious United States Navy spy and a charming and irrepressible young thief who are forced to work together to steal a brand new device that the Japanese military is using to encode its top-secret messages. With Lee Perkins and Donal Thoms-Cappello.
Related Titles: The Red Machine
Related Names:Landall Goolsby, Nicholas Tucci, Eddie Lee, Mike Rock, Sterling Greene, Alec Boehm, Ryan Pamiez, Mo Byrnes, Lee Perkins, Walter Komorowski, Chad Nadolski, Roger Ainslie, Donal Thoms-Cappello, Alex Hill, Stephen Kirkpatrick, David Haverty, Mel Horan, David Ross Paterson, Joshua Benton, Ken Cortland, Jon Amirkhan, Hilary Pingle, Bryan Larkin, Josiah D. Lee, Daniel Chace, Kameran Kashani, Meg Brogan, Howie Raines, John Gordon, Doug Swim, Stephanie Argy, John Gorman, Robert Scheid, David Grenz, Madoka
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