Title: The Lion's Journey: The Story of Wadie P. Deddeh Trailer
Description: Wadie Deddeh believes in democracy. For 27 years, Wadie Deddeh's warm personality and artful collaboration oat the California State Legislature earned him the respect and friendship of Republicans and Democrats alike.

Determined to honor his immigrant roots as a Chaldean Christian, from Iraq,
Deddeh knew the secret for creating respectful political partners and as a result, changed California's highway system for the better. Most notably, he formed the California Department of Transportation, earning his recognition as the "Father of Caltrans" as well as helping to bring the Trolley System to San Diego.

Arriving penniless in America in 1947 and against all odds, he became the highest ranking Iraqi ever to hold political office in the California State Legislature. Despite death threats against him and his family during the Gulf War, his unwavering patriotism for America earned him a reputation as a dedicated American and family man.

Award-winning filmmaker, Bonni Rooney paints an intimate portrait about the life of a true American statesman and how his legacy has benefited his family, friends, community and the state of California.

Interviews include former governor of California, Pete Wilson and Superior Court Judge, Peter Deddeh as well as archival footage of Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter and many other high profile political leaders.
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