Title: Joey and Jerome's Artistic Meaningful Independent Film Clip
Description: “I’ll detonate the nukes in 24 hours unless you surrender the command codes.” If those words aren’t spoken in a movie, Joey and Jerome don’t wanna watch it. After spending their entire lives watching Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, and Vin Diesel fill various Englishmen, Russians, Germans, nonspecific Middle Easterners, and the occasional Asian full of hot lead, the two get a wake up call when Jerome’s sister lends them several of her arthouse flicks on DVD. After an indie movie marathon, the pair are so inspired they immediately begin work on their own independent masterpiece. . .with no money, resources, or experience.
Related Titles: Joey and Jerome's Artistic Meaningful Independent Film
Related Names:Luci Christian, Julie Oliver, Julie Oliver-Touchstone, Josh Bass, Tony Salinas, Eric Dieckman, Albert J. Vara
Content Rating:Not Rated
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