Title: Alphonso Bow Trailer
Description: Imagine two unique fellows from different backgrounds; one an ex male-exotic-dancer trained in the martial arts who also lays countless brick and loose women; the other an older brick salesman who provides him with jobs and materials, as well as his daily obsessive debate regarding, among other things, the existence of life on other planets. Picture the two of them eating lunch together in a family restaurant, speaking entirely too loud on the topics of religion, sex, early child behavior, Samuel Beckett, Hitler, and a severely injured dog, and you get the idea that these two characters will surely tease one’s palate. Much like the story of the old bull and the young bull, the film ALPHONSO BOW will satisfy us all. A surprisingly fun ride that never stops delivering on its every promise.
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Related Names:Michael Dempsey, Betsy Fels, Tamara Friedman, Scott Mellini, Jeffrey Pierce, Kate Rodger, Gabrael Wilson, Kasey Buckley, Dan Coplan, Lije Sarki, Lindsay Seim, M. Sarki, Eddie Ruiz
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