Title: The Adventures of Food Boy Trailer
Description: Ezra (Lucas Grabeel from High School Musical) discovers he has a unique ability to make food appear in his hands, but he must decide whether he will give up his powers forever or if he will embrace his new identity and become Food Boy.
Related Titles: The Adventures of Food Boy
Related Names:Bill Wandel, Sila Agavale, Noah Bastian, Joyce Cohen, Charles Halford, Ryne Sanborn, Anne Sward, Scott Wilkinson, Christopher Robin Miller, Curt Doussett, Kunal Sharma, Brittany Curran, Justin Partridge, Lucas Grabeel, Jeff Braine, Dane Cannon, Michael Buster, Ryan Cannon, Lafe Jordan, David Mangum, Marc Mangum, Sam Mangum, Nenetzi Scott, McCall Clark, Craig Everett, Paul Etuk, Bailey McKnight, Brooklyn McKnight, Nicole Kehl, David Morgan
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