Title: Pinky Swear Trailer
Description: "PINKY SWEAR" is a coming of age fictional short film that looks at the lives of a brother and sister with well to do parent who are often away from home on business or pleasure. Madeline has always protected her little brother Mitch and taught him all he knows about painting. Mitch who is a little clueless to his sister's feelings of insecurity always tries to cover for their parents apathy towards the elder child. Madeline who is of mixed heritage grows up in a house and community where her skin sets her apart from everyone else and she is constantly reminded of the differences when Mitch seems to gets the easy road and she has to work 3 times harder to be noticed. When their lives come to a fork in the road based on 2 separate phone calls received with in hours of each other, will Madeline and Mitch be able to remain the M&M pair, and keep their pact in tact.
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