Full Movie (DOGS documentary trailer)

Title: Dogs Full Movie (DOGS documentary trailer)
Description: DOGS is a documentary about a shelter for homeless dogs located in Russia, 20 km West of Moscow. All the animals that have been brought there have had different fates. However, their individual biographies have one detail in common: all of them have been saved from death by people who could not pass by indifferently. This film attracts public attention to animal cruelty in Russia. The attitude towards animals is extremely cruel, savage, and uncivilized. One can see hungry homeless animals everywhere, even in millionaires' residential neighbourhoods. Throwing a plastic bag with newly born puppies into the garbage, or hitting a dog or a cat by a car and leaving it on the road to die without even stopping is considered normal behavior. Homeless animals are being killed every day. They die in terrible torment. All the animal rights activists' protests have no effect. The numberless cases of animal cruelty are never subject to criminal prosecution. Animals have no rights in our country, as well as those who love and support them. The law protects only those who hate and kill them. THIS FILM IS AN ATTEMPT TO SHOW AN EXAMPLE OF TRUE COMPASSION AND ALTRUISM.
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