Full Movie (Floaters: A Niobrara River Adventure)

Title: Full Movie (Floaters: A Niobrara River Adventure)
Description: Join a Filmmaker and his sidekick on a location scouting adventure in the Nebraska SandHills. This musical adventure features a river journey in canoe; watch as a magical transformation occurs. You may find you become part of the intensely vivid scenery. After packing up, the team takes off for the river. On the way the scenery is complimented by The Meadow Lark Rag from the McNeeLees first Album Phooled. Following rural highways, encountering other travelers, rolling hills of prairie. Livestock graze in the distance, and a nice surprise! Wind turbines there in the prairie, Nebraska winds powering our communities. Then they make camp, selecting a good site by the river. The tents are pitched amid a cloud of tiny bugs, gear sorted and prepared for the day's work. They embark with camera gear, to capture the essence of the beautiful Niobrara River of northern Nebraska.
Video URL: http://www.imdb.com/video/wab/vi40305689/