Trailer (Trailer #1)

Title: Impulse Black Trailer (Trailer #1)
Description: A young man named Riley Cole (Jordon Hodges) has been given a drug called 'Ira' since child birth during the early stages of mental development. The same drug and procedure was used on Hitler, President Truman, Hussein and others. It breeds militant leaders to be able to make tremendous decisions not based on morality, but whats best for humanity as a whole. How can someone decide to drop a atomic bomb? You under the impression that just anyone can make that kind of decision?
Related Titles: Impulse Black
Related Names:Emme Rylan, Jordon Hodges, Robert Miano, Don Money, Will Brunson, Johnny Lechner, Megan Weaver, Sam Cohen, Ayman Samman, Bugs Moran, Aaron Pryor, Lynnette Rozine Prock, Tim Hodges, Alex Hatfield, Chris Faulisi, Jason Sutton, Sean Owens, Brittany Risner, Jackson Money
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