Trailer ("Paranormal Captivity" Original Promo (as "Dead Collections"))

Title: Paranormal Captivity Trailer ("Paranormal Captivity" Original Promo (as "Dead Collections"))
Description: 'What Happens When You Lose Everything?'

Your house, your job, your family? What happens when you have no other choice but to move in with your senile Uncle and the house seems to be haunted?

Strange things begin to occur. Is the house haunted or is it something more?

Fear the dead, fear the living...DEAD COLLECTIONS - Starring: Caitlyn Fletcher, Roberto Lombardi, Edward X. Young, Linnea Sage, Jerry Ross and Suzi Lorraine. Directed by John Orrichio
Related Titles: Paranormal Captivity
Related Names:Roberto Lombardi, Gracie De La Rosa, Jerry Ross, John Orrichio, Pamela Sutch, Suzi Lorraine, Samuel L.M. Cole, Vanessa Romanelli, Linnea Sage, Amber Anderson, Jason Vail, Caitlyn Fletcher, Edward X. Young, Frank Fata
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