Featurette (Esquece tudo o que te disse)

Title: Forget Everything I've Told You Featurette (Esquece tudo o que te disse)
Description: FORGET EVERYTHING I'VE TOLD YOU is the story of the tragic comedy of our lives: love, conflict, separation and meeting again. Like this, in cycles, beyond death. The story of five people who love, hate, split up and meet again. Messias, the husband, a dentist, almost magician. Felizbela, the beautiful wife, almost happy. Joana, the daughter, almost a singer, and Nuts, her boyfriend, almost a film maker. Finally the grand father Tobias, a shepherd, almost imortal. Five characters, five stories, one film: FORGET EVERYTHING I'VE TOLD YOU.
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Related Names:Cleia Almeida, Paulo Branco, João Cabral, António Capelo, José Diogo, António Ferreira, Custódia Gallego, Marcus Lenz, Margarida Lopes, Lucinda Loureiro, Estrela Novais, Luís Pavão, Alexandre Pinto, Jorge Piña, Pedro Renato, Joel Rodrigues, Alexandra Rosa, Dörte Schneider, José Diogo, David Fonseca, César Santos Silva, Fernando Taborda, Pedro Gameiro, Fernando Miguel, Amélia Corôa, Beatriz Pinho, Jorge Pelicano, Paulo César Fajardo, Ricardo Martins
Content Rating:Not Rated
Video URL: http://www.imdb.com/video/wab/vi3772908057/