Title: Schism Trailer
Description: Linda has a multiple personality disorder. She hosts a talk show called In Touch With Insanity. The idea behind the show is that insane people should have the right to express themselves, regardless of what society thinks of them. Viewers call in and speak to Linda's various personalities about their own insanity and how they live with it. If they need some help she refers them to the doctor who is treating her. Unbeknownst to Linda, viewers of her show are being murdered. Is the murderer a psychopathic viewer? The doctor? Or one of Linda's own personalities? SCHISM is a horror/thriller shot in New York City. It stars cult legend Lynn Lowry, whose other credits include George Romero's The Crazies, David Cronenberg's Shivers, Paul Schrader's Cat People, and many other classics of the genre.
Related Titles: Schism
Related Names:Ronald Thomas, Power Skeleton, Derek Purtell, Rachel Werbel, Sylvia Mercedes, Mike Zone, Erika Purtell, Joshua Nelson, Janet Tracy Keijser, Emily Griffin, Darcy Stoltzfus, Bob Socci, Devon O'Hara, Steve Devito, Robert Youngren, Lauren Susan, Rick Luanda, Lynn Lowry, Heather Waghelstein, Jason Witter, Karl Schwabauer, Polina Gorman, Tony Galtieri, Ehren Hertel
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