Trailer (Voice Over)

Title: Trailer (Voice Over)
Description: It’s the end of the 70-ies of the XX century. The Iron Curtain separates a Director of Photography and his wife – she goes to West Berlin with their sick son and he stays in Bulgaria. She believes that only there the kid will be well. He can’t do without working his favorite job.
The DOP is shooting a movie with the best director in Bulgaria, member of the Communist party elite… Yet, the DOP lives a life torn between conformism and responsibility to his family.
The Secret Services suspect the DOP in espionage – his wife lives in West Berlin and he is close to high-ranking Communists. The phone calls with his wife were tapped and their letters were opened. Time by time the Secret Services freeze the relationship between husband and wife. Their love transforms into alienation and hatred.
When the people having protected the DOP lose their power, he finds himself deprived of everything he loved – job, wife and son.
30 years later the DOP shoots a movie about his own life. The Secret Services agent who reported on him years ago, today is the director of his movie.
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