Title: Cashing Out Clip
Description: A seemingly random series of events is taking place in which people in desperate circumstances are receiving cash gifts anonymously. Bank officials trace the source to one elderly mans account, but a group of young people is doing the actual distributing. The FBI and Wall Street officials are investigating the activities, suspecting various evil motives. Meanwhile, the “cashings” are spreading out across the country, impacting more and more people. As federal agents tighten the net, the group is forced to become more imaginative. Arrest and trial become inevitable; will the forces of greed dominate? Or will generosity win them over? Join the LightSmith Production team, cast and crew, to find out how “with a little, a lot can be done.”
Related Titles: Cashing Out
Related Names:Torrence Ford, Kent R. Sanders, Reid Mickens, Freeson Daugherty, Jequan Jackson, Ruth Cardona, Wanji Rowe, Lonnie Holmes, Jeremy Striblin, Christina Haynes, Angela Hargrove, Gary Rowe, Nema Rowe, Yuri Ishida, Max Poumie, Travara Farmer, Brian Huber, Merhdad Mizani, Cathlene Bell, Eddie Debolt, Antwon Temoney, Kensei Tsubata, Joe Scarpone, Joshua de Groot, Tarik Muhammad, Jamie Rowe, Larry Moffitt, Annika Betancourt, Douglas Farley, Lan Lee, Amadea de Groot, Jane Karimi, Galen Muhammad, Bill Selig, Janelle Hartley, Sam Cosentino, Dave Cooperman, Ezra Karimi, Rafe Snell, Dolores Muhammad, Richard Fiske, Prebble Q. Ramswell, Kate Tsubata, SunJae Smith, Rod Smith, Hashim Muhammad, Jennifer Austin, Paul Shabbagh, Hyong Won Lee, Mie Smith, Angelina Beltrami
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