Trailer (Not Another B Movie!)

Title: Not Another B Movie Trailer (Not Another B Movie!)
Description: 'Not Another B Movie' (a.k.a. 'Working Title') is a hilarious comedy about a serious screenwriter who clashes with his producing partner and director as he attempts to break away from producing 'yet another' low budget slasher movie.
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Related Names:Dominic Capone, Chuck Kelly, Byron Thames, Alan Jones, Jimmi Martin, Christine Murphy, Erin Carere, Larry Thomas, John Wesley Norton, Katie Kiefel, Mark Piszczor, Joe Estevez, Heather Zagone, Bryan Turner, David Faustino, Joe Farina, James Vallo, Robert Z'Dar, Z.D. Smith, Renee Domenz, Reggie Bannister, Lindsay Gareth, Brian Poszgai, Randy Benzie, Robert Foreman, Cyn Dulay, Jen Schmidt, Scott Grenke, Edward Asner, Babette Bombshell, Michelle Shields, John Klein, Erin Moran, Matthew S. Harrison, Greg Maurer
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