Title: Rounding First Trailer
Description: Twelve-year olds Joe, Tiger and Chris break out of Little League baseball camp in order to trail Joe's parents, who have lied to him about a mysterious trip they're taking. The boys must piece together clues, avoid their parents, dodge the police, t
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Related Names:Jim Fleigner, Vince Bandille, John Michael Bolger, Deborah Lee Johnson, Michael E. Knight, William Stone Mahoney, Drucie McDaniel, Jeff Riedy, Al D. Rodriguez, Bob Walz, Bradley Traver, Soren Fulton, Missy Moyer, Aaron Fiore, Christopher Mann, Matthew Borish, Lou Irizarry, Ludek Drizhal, Robert X. Golphin, Charlie Saxton, Sam Semenza, Michael Dean, Rob Roy, Maurice Ware, Jo Mercer, Brian L. King, Kristopher Fried
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