Trailer (Death Rattle Crystal Ice (2008))

Title: Death Rattle Crystal Ice Trailer (Death Rattle Crystal Ice (2008))
Description: Meth, murder and mayhem cooked up by a crooked Sheriff and his gang of misfits is battled by a Special Ops Agent seeking payback for his brother's death. Aided by a Country Singer and a group of bikers, "Death Rattle Crystal Ice" is an action drama.
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Related Names:Michael J. Hogan, Dennis C. Salcedo, Willy Ortlieb, Kathleen Reed, Sekou Peele, Gary Germaine, Russ Jenkins, Morris L. Gann, Michael Caldwell, Richard Kreps, Jhey Castles, Mark Murehead, Lon Hannah, Charlie Bonner, Mario Montagna, Becky Wu, Summer Robinson, Ezra Ayers, Rudy Porras, Eric Willems, David Scott, Michael J. Correia, Chad Homan, Susan Mathews, G. Micheal Millsaps, Jerry Costner Jr., Denise M. Elvera, Glenn Fraser, Pamela Whitmire, Constance G. Salcedo, Michelle Venables, Rocco Brigante, Rick Lotenero, Nichole Standlee, Stan Morgan, Henry Fierro, Leticia Rodriguez
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