Trailer (La Valle delle Ombre)

Title: The Valley Trailer (La Valle delle Ombre)
Description: Matteo, a city boy, visits his grandfather who lives in a secluded village undergoing preparations for a local, ancient pagan festival.
He meets with his cousin Lidia and some local kids, with whom he begins a dangerous game that brings up obscure myster
Related Titles: The Valley
Related Names:Petra Barchi, Viviana Queirolo-Bertoglio, Eraldo Baldini, György Hunyadkürthy, Francisco Gózon, Andrea Osvárt, Mari Töröcsik, Péter Politzer, Jean-François Balmer, Sandrone Dazieri, Marco Martani, Giampiero Rigosi, Teco Celio, Paul S. Glass, Mihály Györik
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