Title: Jake's Corner Trailer
Description: Hope is right around the corner.

Ex-football star, Johnny Dunn, (Richard Tyson) walked away from the game early in his career to live a relatively secluded life far from the spotlight in a small, desert town he owns called Jake’s Corner, a rest stop for travelers crossing the Arizona desert but for
the people who live there, it becomes a rest stop for life.
Johnny and the quirkily eclectic ensemble (Academy Award® Nominee Diane Ladd; 5 time Grammy Award Winer B.J. Thomas) that live and work in the town occupy trailers behind the Corner Store and Jake’s Corner Bar.

Through the years, this cast of colorful misfits have become closer than most families.

Johnny’s quiet life is altered dramatically when his young nephew, Spence, is unexpectedly dropped at his doorstep. The boy brings a childlike innocence to this town of adults who, in turn, get to share their homegrown wisdom with him.
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