Title: Weather Girl Clip
Description: A Seattle Weather Girl gets fired after freaking out on-air over her cheating boyfriend (the anchor), and must move in with her little brother and figure out what she's doing with her life.
Related Titles: Weather Girl
Related Names:Rob Helms, Amie Donegan, Ryan Devlin, Timothy Dvorak, Michael Fitzgerald, Jamie Rosenblatt, Alex Kapp, Steak House, Blair Underwood, J.D. Nielsen, Hal Tryon, Brandon Trost, Jane Lynch, Meredith Roberts Quill, Adam Rosenblatt, Omar Leyva, Blayne Weaver, Enrico Colantoni, J.P. Manoux, Bubba Lewis, Brandon Barrera, Kit Pongetti, Jon Cryer, Marin Hinkle, Patrick J. Adams, David Giuntoli, Melinda McGraw, Mark Harmon, Joe Nunez, Abe Levy, Kaitlin Olson, Tricia O'Kelley, Lucas Fleischer, Andrew Hollander
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