Title: Sutures Trailer
Description: A group of longtime friends converge on a fatal course with destiny when they cross paths with Alexander Tatum, a mercenary surgeon (Carlos Lauchu; Stargate, Spyhard). They find themselves enmeshed in a fight for survival against a psychopathic business
Related Titles: Sutures
Related Names:Lisette Bross, Jeff Burr, Kirk Douglas, Mark Finney, Trent Haaga, Nick Holmes, Allison Lange, Carlos Lauchu, Jason London, Timothy Muskatell, Andrew Prine, Don Stroud, Tammi Sutton, C.J. Thomason, Joe Unger, Frederick Wardell, Tim Worman, Jacqueline A. Kelly, Susan Skup, B.J. Britt, Anthony Pearce, Beth Colla, Cody Benjamin Lee, Kate French, Azie Tesfai, Vincent Campanella, Amber Marie Bollinger, Evan Frankfort, Brian Moon, Xade Moses, Andria Carpenter, Cara Picton, Walt Osborne, Craig Rees, Kevin Strom, Ernest Alexander, Paul Gennaro, Daryl 'Chicago' Cruz, Fernando Lauchu, Maribel Villasenor, Steven Hamill, Leah Baylis, Florence LeFrane, Julan Wygal, Fatima Talebi, Jane Fowler, Charles Cooper
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