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Title: The Holiday Full Movie
Description: 7th on December 2007, The worst oil spill in the history has occurred.
The ship of 'Sam-sung Construction' crushed on to the Hong Kong-registered Hebei Spirit, a 147,000-ton oil tanker at the coast of Taean, a small town in South Korea. The collision caused about 10,500 tons of oil to leak into the waters. The shore of Taean was covered by the huge oil belt. The Villagers’ entire livelihood and their will to live were taken in the sea. 4 times of suicide have occurred, the damage is estimated about 600 billion won (580 million dollars). However, Seoul high court has judged only an award of 5.6 billion won (5.4 million dollars) damages to Sam-sung. Without proper compensation from the government, most of the villagers had to gave up to fight. Two years have passed, but they are still suffering in the grey sea.
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