Title: The Puppeteers Trailer
Description: ‘The Puppeteers,’ narrated by Academy Award Winner Ernest Borgnine, featuring interviews with Nobel Prize Winner Dario Fo, and Academy Award Winner director Bernardo Bertolucci, is a documentary that goes behind the scenes of the puppet theater, and into the lives of the Ferrari family, one of Italy’s most famous families of puppeteers. Gimmi Ferrari, a master puppeteer, reveals the mysteries of the puppet theater, and gives us an inside look at the art of puppet making, a family tradition that has been passed down for four generations. Against a background of entertaining and colourful puppets, it brings to mind the patriarchal family of Italy, it’s culture of the countryside, the anthropology of it’s people, but above all, illustrates the values of talent, hard work, intelligence, and especially sacrifice.
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Related Names:Ernest Borgnine, Bernardo Bertolucci, Cris Borgnine, Dario Fo, Lura Calder, Yale, Maurizio Rigamonti
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