Title: For Elsie Clip
Description: The film is a dark comedy about a disillusioned piano teacher Glenn (Blake Ritson), who once aspired to be a concert pianist. He is moving back to his parents' house and is on the brink of giving up the piano for good when a Russian gangster Kilov (Olegar Fedoro) offers him a unique opportunity: £10,000 if Glenn teaches Kilov's daughter (who has never played piano) Beethoven's "Für Elise"... in a day - an impossible task.
Related Titles: For Elsie
Related Names:Mark Fox, David Winstone, Olegar Fedoro, Eline Powell, Gemma Priggen, Vincent Klueger, Joseph Kelly Jones, Martin Webbe, Gregory John Madge, Patrick Shead Simmons, Katie Clarke, Caroline Blakiston, Blake Ritson, Luke Lloyd, Jamie Levitt, Pavel Prokopic
Content Rating:Not Rated
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