Full Movie (The River Under the City of Angels)

Title: Full Movie (The River Under the City of Angels)
Description: After a series of deadly floods, the city of Los Angeles decided to pave the banks of its river and import it’s water. The Los Angeles River was transformed from an oak lined stream with steelhead trout to 51-mile concrete scar that bisects the cities rich and poor. Intrigued by the organic shape in the straight-line suburbs, Fred Kaplan ventured into the river and discovered a life affirming, personal connection to the river.
Led by poet, Lewis MacAdams, whose bolt cutters literally tore down the fence the separating the city from its river. “The River Under the City of Angels” illustrates how a post-industrial city can regain its sense of community by removing the concrete that many thought held it together. The documentary tells the story of Scott Wilson whose pledge to plant 5 trees a day results in the formation of a non-profit organization called Northeast Trees, which introduces “at risk” youth to the natural world. In a city of 10 million people can diverse groups of such as cricket players and environmentalists find a mutual beneficial path to a greener and happier city.
While it might be impossible to avoid the global stories the eminent from Los Angeles this story of transformation starts with a poet talking to a river, a man dreaming of a new type of city and another man going for a 90-day walk with a video camera.
Video URL: http://www.imdb.com/video/wab/vi2756811289/