Trailer (Sybil and Betts: Requiem for a Friendship)

Title: Trailer (Sybil and Betts: Requiem for a Friendship)
Description: As 80 year old friends and artists, Sybil and Betts share 50 years of memories and adventures - the joy of raising their children together to the adventures of starring in a documentary about notorious motorcycle gang Hell’s Grannies. Slowly and gradually, Betts began to notice gaps in her memory. It was her was Alzheimer’s disease. A loyal best friend, Sybil is determined to not stop Betts from living, experiencing every moment to its fullest, no matter what. Betts continues to paint, providing us with glimpse into her constantly changing inner vision. Told one painting at a time, we capture a glimpse of a world where memory is secondary and the artist’s journey reigns.
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