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Title: Awakening World Trailer (LOVE SEX GOD trailer)
Description: LOVE SEX GOD is a 2 part documentary.

Part 1:
What fuels an AWAKENING WORLD? That's what filmmaker Sebastian Siegel sets out to uncover by exploring questions at the core of human fulfillment from "what is love?" to "what is the purpose of life?". Through woven and scored interviews with acclaimed artists, best selling authors, globally recognized leaders and extraordinary personalities, AWAKENING WORLD inspires interpersonal connection and advocates a methodology to perpetuate widespread human joy.

Part 2:
SPIRIT OF EVOLUTION is the 2nd installment of the documentary, LOVE SEX GOD. This film delves into Religions, Spirituality and God.  Through further interviews and research we explore the gifts of religion, the limitations of its dogma, the many beliefs that make up our ideas of God, how our ideas have changed and influenced our lives, and the emerging path of evolutionary spirituality. SPIRIT OF EVOLUTION examines perennial keys of depth fulfillment.
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