Trailer (Trailer Muneca)

Title: Muñeca Trailer (Trailer Muneca)
Description: Two men in their thirties and a woman in her forties come together, as it was
planned by manipulative Manuel, the elections day. What for Pedro is a simple social gathering, is actually a blind date, where Gabriela wants to find a father for her longed-for unborn child. Manuel is certain that Pedro is the man and inspires him to take a step never before imagined for a conservative gay: Fatherhood.
Related Titles: Muñeca
Related Names:Ana Fernández, María de los Ángeles García Ojeda, Soledad Salfate, Benjamín Vicuña, Sebastián Arrau, Alex Bowen, Marcial Tagle, Ricardo Angelis, Mauricio Arrau, Ana Fernández
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