Title: Unicorn City Trailer
Description: Voss is a gamer who is currently unemployed and looking for work. When a management position opens up at a gaming company, he interviews but lacks evidence of leadership skills necessary to land the job. Given a week to prove himself, Voss does the only thing rational adult would do; create a utopian society for gamers. Voss convinces his gaming guild to follow him into the mountains and has Marsha, his best friend, document his abilities. However things get interesting when Shadow Hawk, his gaming nemesis, arrives to over through Voss’ kingdom.
Related Titles: Unicorn City
Related Names:Jaclyn Hales, Devin McGinn, Jon Gries, Adrian Lefler, Bryan Lefler, Niklaas Duncan, Kevin Weisman, Emily Burnworth, Clint Vanderlinden, Steve Berg, Missy Hill, Matt Mattson, Dashiell Wolf, James C. Morris
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