Trailer (You Can't Have It All)

Title: What Happens Next Trailer (You Can't Have It All)
Description: Billionaire/Socialite Paul Greco (Jon Lindstrom, As the World Turns) seems to have it all. Or does he? Upon the sale of his lucrative business, his retirement, and more money and time than he knows what to do with, there are many sudden changes in his life. Starting with his overbearing (but well-meaning) sister Elise (Wendie Malick, Just Shoot Me and Hot In Cleveland) who decides giving Paul a dog would be the perfect start. With little else to do, Paul assumes the daily dog walking routine in the park. There he encounters Andy Chance (Chris Murrah), a gay self-employed advertising whiz, who happens to walk his dog on the very same schedule. What starts as a casual daily meeting in the park, eventually develops into something a bit more questionable.

Andy and Paul find themselves in a series of comedic situations in the give-and-take, of the differences in their personalities, upbringing, background and ages and, above all, the clarity of their undefined relationship. This gets even more complicated by the influential and overbearing women in both of their lives.

Elise senses definite and curious changes in Paul’s behavior and personality but becomes preoccupied about her own “alternative lifestyle” artist son, Brian (Ariel Shafir), with whom she has become seriously estranged. At the same time Andy’s “adopted” sister Roz (Natalia Cigliuti), a high-powered art gallery owner becomes overtly uncomfortable with Andy’s fascination over Paul – a straight philanthropist from an elite world of socialites and black-tie benefits.

After many twists and turns in the screenplay’s story line, revelation, clarity and reconciliation are exposed and settled. The elements of discovery, surprise and delight are everywhere. “What Happens Next” explores the meaning, definition and redefining of family, the nature of relationships, the meaning of the varieties of love as a concept, attitude and human experience, fraught with laughter and surprise.
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