Title: Renouncing Angelica Trailer
Description: Love. It's about what you wish to share, not what the other deserves.
As far as Drew is concerned, he has moved on since Angelica. He has found a new life and new love. But one day, he learns an unhappy truth about his ex-fiancee that sets off an intense personal conflict. Now, he finds his character tested, his happiness threatened, and he is forced to revisit the past in order to face reality about Angelica’s life and death.
Renouncing Angelica explores the denial that usually follows heartbreak, and why one must first grieve, and choose to forgive, before one can actually succeed in overcoming a painful past.
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Related Names:Jean-Pierre Vertus, Shenna Bautista, Benjamin Casias, Dani Coleman, Curt Schatz, Luis Garcia Sr., Vanessa Mariveles, Temi Ojo
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