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Title: Rat Man Trailer (Ratman)
A forgotten classic and never before released in the UK, the uber-trashy Ratman is a guilty horror pleasure of gory delights proudly brought back into your hands by Shameless Screen Entertainment to cherish forever.
Pint-sized cult hero Nelson De La Rosa stars as the horrific genetic mutation that is Ratman! Created to win a Nobel prize; the only awards he'll be picking up will be for slaying showering beauty Eva Grimaldi but not before she's soaped up for your pleasure! Janet Agren plays her sister out to discover what has happened to Eva and who or what is devouring the residents of a lush Caribbean island.

A glorious exploitation fest of bad taste, worse acting, needless nudity and tense wince-inducing slaughter, please welcome and give the loveable Ratman a home in your horror collection today.

Editors should note that the rarity of Ratman worldwide is partly die to the extreme rarity of materials to work with. Shameless have spent months assembling the film from a variety of sources and variable quality should be expected. For a film of this type the grungy presentation only adds to the joy!

Ratman (feature film is cert. 15) is released uncut (for the first time in the UK) on DVD by Shameless Screen Entertainment. The film will be presented remastered in 1.85:1 with English 2.0 sound. Also included on the disc is a Shameless original trailer gallery.
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