Title: Chance Trailer
CHANCE is a tropical comedy about two live in housemaids who take over their employer's house.

Tona and Paquita work as live-in housemaids at the Gonzales-Dubois, an
aristocratic Panamanian family. For a long time they have been mistreated and poorly paid.
When the family prepares to go on a shopping trip abroad, the maids have something completely different in mind.
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Related Names:Rosa Isabel Lorenzo, Maria Alejandra Palacios, Mauricio Vidal, Matthias Ehrenberg, Maria Cristina Palacios, Juan David Valdez Lauri, Cristina Campuzano, Isabella Santodomingo, Aida Morales, Abner Benaim, Maria Jose Pizarro, Alberto de Toro, Francisco Gattorno, Lino Georg von Saenger
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