Full Movie (The Black Diamond)

Title: Full Movie (The Black Diamond)
Description: A young man is about to propose to his girlfriend. He has found the perfect diamond. But a street thief snatches it. The man curses the diamond: ‘Who ever has it, will never be able to keep it.’

An immersive mix of real-life cinematic theatre and online interactive storytelling, The Black Diamond follows the diamond as it passes from person to person and is eventually reunited with it’s rightful owner.

The interactive film was written to offer the user their own perspective on the Black Diamond story. An open ended story set in Paris in the swinging sixties, it is told through stark black and white imagery, a series of interconnected characters, a rich and immersive stereoscopic soundtrack. The slow drawn out pace and reflective feel set a contrast with the current fast paced action enjoyed by online viewers at large.
Video URL: http://www.imdb.com/video/wab/vi2064293401/