Title: Cry of the Butterfly Trailer
Description: Lucy, a fourteen-year-old homeless girl, struggles with her mother to survive on the streets of Los Angeles. In desperation, her mother, a drug addict and a prostitute, sells Lucy into a child prostitution ring.
Related Titles: Cry of the Butterfly
Related Names:Dylan Sprayberry, Danny Del Toro, Missy Crider, Sasha Rendulic, Tishuan Scott, Mihailo Stanich, Dee Wallace, Sarah Chang Tadayon, Shannon McLemore, Sasha Vom Dorp, Britni Thomas, Alex Conte, Emilio Rivera, Tim Colceri, John Savage, Eddie Diaz, Zeljko Marasovich, Rade Serbedzija, David 'Dutch' Schultz, Kristofur Dixon, Kristen Huff, Bru Muller, Anita Leeman Torres, Mary Beth Pape, Phil Morris, Heather Petrone, Ed Pellettieri, Ellery Sprayberry, Carmen Perez, Nina Serbedzija, Laura Beth Coakley
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