Title: Her Knight Trailer
Description: Anne always had a dream of being rescued by her Byzantine knight, not able to see its conclusion. In reality, she is with a cheating boyfriend Dylan. When she meets David, someone so different from her, he helps to write an end to her dream.
Related Titles: Her Knight
Related Names:Neil Argo, April Hong, Emil Lin, Oanh Nguyen, Archie Drury, Jenni Alpert, Misa Aikawa, Russ Emanuel, Sam Chakoukani, Emile Haris, Nicole Alvarez, Victoria Chalaya, Yasuyo Kaneda, Tina Mayer, Yos Park, Yasemin Yucel, Catherine Dawson, Begum Kurt, Ted Downs, Steve Okie, Hayateru Saito, Eri Suzuki, Hal Evey, Alison Granato, Gladys Rodriguez
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