Title: BlindSide Clip (BLINDSIDE PROMO II)
Description: Becky's life changes for the worse when a new man enters her mother's life.

This is our Second promotional video for BlindSide.

Some Characters in this video do not appear in the film and are used for BlindSide Promotional Purposes only.

Starring -
Jesse Dean Miller,Melvin Te Wani and Jordon Buckwell

Directed by: Dimi Nakov
Produced by: Dimi Nakov & Graeme Cash
Screenplay by: Chantal Rayner-Burt & Sean O'Connor

Becky's Voice Over and Monologue written by Barbara Watkins

Promo Credits:

Editor - Martin Collyns ( Take Flight Post Production )
Visual FX - Kathy Kennedy and Martin Collyns
Music & Sound FX - "Reiko Che" and Carlos Marsh
Camera - Dimi Nakov,Stephen Morris
LX & Gaffer - Stephen Morris
Location Sound - Katherine Sasse and Kimberley Norman
Make up: Astrid Schirnack
Related Titles: BlindSide
Content Rating:Not Rated
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