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Title: The Disconnection of Cyrus Bent Full Movie
Description: A heavy, neurotic man in his early thirties, Cyrus Bent is wound too tight. His wife, a woman who is grumpy at the best of times, pressures Cyrus into getting a vasectomy. Finally, under duress he concedes to undergo the 'terrifying' procedure, propelling him into the most challenging experience of his life where he is forced to face his fears head on. When Cyrus arrives at the vasectomy clinic, things are worse than he could have possibly imagined: a disgruntled receptionist, odd and off-putting characters in the waiting room, a fearsome nurse and a womanizing, a laissez-faire vasectomy doctor who is more interested in his curvy assistant than he is in being careful with a scalpel around Cyrus's testicles. Cyrus Bent's life is about to change...in more ways than two. This could get nutty.
Related Titles: The Disconnection of Cyrus Bent
Related Names:Heather Hodgson, Deirdre Kirby, Shawn Lawrence, Daveed Louza, Sterling Jarvis, Marty Adams, Stefanie Drummond, Jeannette Choueiri, Kristina Small, Kate Spurgeon, Pam Leeworthy, Jonothan Stewart, Zach Zohr, John Belbeck
Content Rating:Not Rated
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