Trailer (Trafficking - Official Trailer)

Title: Trafficking Trailer (Trafficking - Official Trailer)
Description: Trailer for the Mystery Thriller TRAFFICKING a film on the topic of child-trafficking

Starring George C. Bujold | Produced and Directed by Richard Khouri | Produced by Starry Nights Cinema

An American journalist travels to a remote area of Central America to shoot a documentary investigating child trafficking. His journey takes him into the slums of the red-light district to the forgotten deserts where children are taken, shipped and used as commodities. As he begins to reveal the truth of this dark subject, he is intercepted by forces that do not want his message to be heard.

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Written by George C. Bujold
Cinematography by Emmanuel Negrila
Original Score by - Peter Due

Serge - George C. Bujold
Inez - Simona Levin Williams
Mario - Randy Cohlmia
Paulo Gutierrez - Antonio Farre
Dr. Ellenwood - Edmund Lupinski
Village Woman - Estella
The Saved Girl - Briana Huerta
Trafficked Children
Jordan Pruety
Jose Noris
Korina Noris
Karina Noris
Flavia Nanko
Sarah Nanko
Jordan S. Worthy
Jada Worthy
Serena Sevorino
Bar Girls
Aimee Macalingay
Brittney Daylee
Lucia Munoz
Melissa Rundle
Brooke Stone
Angel Jesus Mena
Jose Noris
Alin Negrilla

Produced by Richard Khouri, Melissa Rundle & Mu Sun
Executive Producer - George C. Bujold
Associate Producer - Monica Worthy

1st Assistant Director - Mu Sun
Make up Artist - Vanessa Cartier

Special thanks to:
George Clooney
Steve A. Restivo
Tom O'Rourke
Scott Howard
Birns & Sawyer Inc.
Wooden Nickel

Shot on Fuji
Edited on Final Cut Pro
Color by Deluxe

copyright © 2009
Starry Nights Cinema
Anti-Cinema Pictures
All Rights Reserved
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Related Names:Randy Cohlmia, Simona Williams, Flavia Nanko, Sarah Nanko, Mu Sun, Melissa Rundle, Peter Due, Richard Khouri, George C. Bujold, Rebecca Kinskey, Emanuel Negrila, Brittney Daylee
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