Full Movie (In Unison)

Title: Full Movie (In Unison)
Description: A documentary film that details the sport of extreme unicycling and addresses factors that make this unique sport so enjoyable and socially misunderstood.

Synopsis: What is the first thing that comes to mind when you see someone riding a unicycle? More often it is the circus theme or clowns, but have you ever considered that unicycling has recently become a rapidly growing extreme sport? Over the past twenty years, unicycling has come a long way since daring pioneers have gone from the beaten path on to rough terrain, performing feats and maneuvers that many people would never consider possible for a unicyclist to do. In Unison is a unique documentary film that explores this socially misunderstood sport. The story begins by addressing public reception of the sport and the stereotypes involved. Other relevant topics such as riding styles, the history of the sport, learning to ride, risks, and what it means to identify one's self as a unicyclist in today's society are all presented. As the story unfolds, an in depth look at the lives of three notable unicyclists reveal the true character and nature behind the sport, defining the difference between riding to entertain and riding for personal fulfillment. With first hand commentary and trick riding by talented and notable riders within the unicycling community, the integrity of this serious sport is for the first time ever defended from the common outdated stigma of being a circus act. A variety of characters representing the various riding styles of extreme unicycling provide an uninformed audience with a comprehensive presentation of the sport, bringing the passion of one-wheeled riding and its spectators together, in unison.
Video URL: http://www.imdb.com/video/wab/vi1348704793/