Title: Ca$h Clip
Description: The Film Cash (Ca$h) Podcast Series - Episode 1 - :

A stroke of good luck turns lethal for Sam Phelan (CHRIS HEMSWORTH) and his wife Leslie (VICTORIA PROFETA) when they are faced with a life-changing decision that brings strange and sinister Pyke Kubic (SEAN BEAN) to their doorstep.

Ca$h (Cash) is a psychological thriller that explores the mysterious power that money can wield over humans, triggering despicable acts to possess it. At a time where a growing number of Americans face foreclosure, debt and unemployment, Ca$h takes a bold look at the human foibles of greed, materialism, cowardice and immorality amidst a backdrop that is ripe with satire, stereotypes, mind games and consequences.

Ca$h (Cash) is the dynamic work of acclaimed director Stephen Milburn Anderson. Known for his examination of societal evils in South Central, Anderson continues his analysis of the human persona through Ca$h.

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