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Description: A few years ago when the developed world was booming the bankers and stockbrokers thought the gravy train would never end. No country epitomized this rise and fall better than Iceland. The country was an economic supernova, too rich to fail and totally incorruptible. In a matter of weeks Iceland went from the spoiled bastard child of Scandinavia, where no one had to worry about anything except how big a jeep they could afford, to being bankrupt. Against this backdrop the Idea of The Best Party was born. It started out as a joke inside the head of Iceland's most controversial and cynical comedian Jon Gnarr. The Idea was to make fun of the 'left' 'right' parties and their false morality, by showing how ridiculous they all were. The Best Parties agenda was simple honest, and outrageous – In these hard times Mr. Gnarr wanted a secure, comfortable, and highly paid job with absolute power to hire his close friends for all the other important and influential jobs as well. The party promised an incorruptible and a drug free parliament by the year 2020 and Mr. Gnarr made it clear that he would not talk to any of the other party's unless they had watched the entire 5 seasons of the 'The Wire.' As the real election began, driven on by Tina Turners cheesy 80’s rock anthem “Simply the Best”, the Best Parties election campaign had devel- oped an unstoppable momentum of its own. Coming top in all the poles Mr. Gnarr had hit a nerve and unexpectedly become a voice for a disenfran- chised people. By Election Day something incredible was about to happen. The feel good ending of this “Mr. Smith Comes to Town” for our brave new world is an uplifting one. Jon Gnarr really won and is now the Mayor of Reykjavik. His friends have jobs and the Wire is being watched by the opposition with great interest. The message of the film is simple and positive. The deeper the shit you are in the more you should laugh, because out of disaster, heroes can come from unlikely places.
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